Tinkoff Investments

Tinkoff Bank — Russian commercial bank focused entirely on remote banking, with no retail branches. It is the second largest provider of credit cards in Russia, and is the world's largest digital bank, as measured by number of customers, 37.6M clients across Russia.

Tinkoff Investments — mobile app owned by Tinkoff that allows for trading stocks. The main idea of Tinkoff Invest is to provide mass market clients with a simple and convenient solution for investing on the stock exchange with a basic set of options and an intuitive user interface, 3.5M customers.


Tinkoff Invest experienced significant audience and revenue growth, consistently ranking 4–5 among financial apps on both the App Store and Google Play.

The main goal of the project was to reach the widest possible audience and provide stock purchasing, investing, and trading services to individuals who may not be very familiar with the nuances.

We knew that our investors were interested in participating in investment tournaments, as there was already a tournament on the Moscow Exchange (MOEX) market — "Best Private Investor". This indicated an opportunity for us to attract new users and motivate existing ones to engage in more transactions.

For the broker, every transaction of buying or selling represents earnings through commissions. For the user, it is an opportunity to showcase their skills, receive praise from the community, and win prizes (stocks and money).


As a Senior Product Designer, I regularly collaborated with the Product manager, Design lead, Developers and UX Writer.

Business goals

Motivate bank clients to save money and invest, keep finances circulating within the bank.

Attract users to Tinkoff Investments.

Increase DAU.


As we were developing a completely new feature from scratch, we aimed to minimize uncertainties and achieve outcomes aligned with our goals. We sought a better understanding of the market, competitors, and investor experiences.

What we discovered:

We were able to identify the main aspects of our MVP.

  1. Make tournaments of different duration: daily, weekly, monthly;
  2. Provide leagues for different levels of players, where users compete against members of their own category;
  3. Tournament table with promotion and relegation in leagues based on ranking;
  4. *Apply game mechanics such as boosters and achieves.

Thanks to coordinated teamwork and well-established processes, we were able to launch and demo the first version after 3 months.

Low-fidelity iteration

As we were developing the section from scratch and implementing gamification elements throughout the app, which affects all aspects of it, it was crucial for us to develop a structure and make sure we didn't miss any details.

After finalising the architecture, my attention turned to the key interface elements for the upcoming tournaments. I’ve created several iterations of wireframes with different levels of detail.

High-fidelity iteration

After conducting a series of tests with the team, I moved on to the next stage of design. For the visual style, I chose a gradient that can be easily complemented with 3D graphics, such as trophies, chests, prize positions, etc.

In Tinkoff Investments, there are three types of tournaments: Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Tournaments — they run independently of each other. Moreover, at any given moment, there can be both daily, weekly, and monthly tournaments taking place. The rules are the same for all of them, with the only difference being in their duration and the value of prizes for the winners.

During the tournament registration, the user will be placed in a group with up to 45 investors from their league – an in-game level.

At the end of the week or month, participants who secure the top 3 positions in the group receive rewards and advance to the next league with even more valuable prizes.

A league is the investor level within the tournament. In one group of players, participants can only belong to one league. This means that newcomers in the tournaments will compete only with other newcomers, while experienced investors will face similarly worthy opponents.

The transition between leagues occurs at the conclusion of each daily, weekly, and monthly tournament in which users participated. Progress within leagues for tournaments of different durations is tracked separately.

A booster is a bonus that provides the opportunity to earn more game points during tournaments in Tinkoff Investments.

Boosters can be got for completing tasks — for example, for publishing three posts in Pulse or opening an IIS. One random booster is given for each new achievement.

* Boosters only affect game points in the tournament. They don’t change the value of assets or the amount of money in users portfolio.

With the new tournament section, we were able to improve our performance. Four months later, we had our first data.

90 days

We were able to launch the first version of the tournaments.

44 tournaments

Have been held since the launch.

114,000 investors

Took part in the tournaments. More than 20K users received prizes.

256,000 investors

Took part in the first Russian Investment Championship (RICh). More than 30K users received prizes.