Albato is a company that provides integrations for web apps for use in automated workflows. Service provides workflows that allow different web apps to be used in the same workflow.

Products focus on automating recurring tasks, such as lead management. Users can set up "rules" that set up the flow of data between different tools and services.

Working with Albato, my main tasks were:

Design a new website that effectively communicates the value of the product.

Develop UI Kit for the Albato platform.

Conduct a UX audit and improve the user experience on the platform.



Prior to initiating the design process, I conducted a competitor analysis and established the information architecture and structure for the site.

Prepared detailed site wareframes and discussed content and texts with the client.

Presented three different moodboards, one of which was immediately approved minor amendments.


I’ve designed ~100 product screens, added new sections, and made the interface friendlier and more intuitive.

Based on SEO queries, we observed that visitors frequently search for our site using business categories such as E-commerce Integration, Productivity Integration, Marketing Integration, etc.

The concept is to have 16 main pages, each dedicated to a specific category, offering information about apps and integrations, along with useful tips, video tutorials, and articles.

The Apps page provides the ability to configure integrations using triggers and actions for both general and specific apps.

Designed a new Embedded section for B2B. Using simple examples, we demonstrated how the service works by embedding elements or functionality directly into another product or service.

The Embedded feature enables websites to seamlessly integrate external widgets, applications, or services, thereby extending functionality and enhancing the overall user experience

I collaborated with an illustrator, providing art direction to create illustrations for Albato.


While we were getting the work done and running updates into release, in parallel we collected a few awards at Product Hunt.

UI Kit

Throughout the website redesign, I initiated the creation of a UI Kit from scratch, which later served as the cornerstone for core product development.

The implementation of the UI Kit aimed to establish uniformity and consistency in design, enhancing the efficiency of our development process within the team.

Design interface

After implementing the ui kit, we managed to increase the contrast of the interface.

I’ve designed ~300 product screens, added new features and functionality.

We have made improvements to the user experience by updating the Plans and Checkout sections.

After launching the new Solution section, users can now save up to 70% of their time by utilizing predefined solutions instead of setting up automation from scratch.

We have launched Embedded demo stand for b2b users, which has enabled the sales team to get 13 embedded clients in the global market.

We have updated the History section, improving the user experience and reducing calls to tech support.

Designed workspaces and spaces interfaces for b2b users (Agencies and Studios) who provide services to companies to customise automation.

This is selected works from what I have done for Albato, a complete list:

  • Updated the pricing and ordering page;
  • Updated flow creating automations;
  • Updated all modal windows;
  • Updated automation card;
  • Updated 28 icons for tools;
  • Designed a welcome screen for the bulder section;
  • Designed the first version of AlbatoWiki;
  • Designed a new section of Solution;
  • Designed a new Health Check section;
  • Designed a new Teams/Workspaces section;
  • Updated the Notifications component;
  • Updated the History section;
  • Designed the visual display of the Router tool;
  • Updated the smart field component;
  • Updated flow Data Migration;
  • Updated the Start Schedule flow;
  • Designed an end-to-end help button;
  • Updated the visual representation of user custom field;
  • Added for Trigger/Action description;
  • Updated Sing in/Sing up pages;
  • Designed a loading modal to start and end the constructor builder.